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Stud Male BSPT Metric Light (L) & Heavy (S)

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Stud coupling with BSP taper male thread to suit Metric Light Light (LL), Light (L) and Heavy (S) OD tubes.

Each fitting includes 1 nut and ferrule. Spare nuts and ferrules can be ordered separately (see related products).

Conforms to DIN 2353.

Material:Carbon steel


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EMB RefOD (mm)ThreadOrder CodeAvailable1+10+   50+   Quantity
- Click to find out the lead time on additional quantities.

Metric Light Light (LL)

AP 4-LL/R 1/8"4mmR1/8"133595     Lead Time  £1.57  £1.42  £1.15 
AP 6-LL/R 1/8"6mmR1/8"133596     Lead Time  £2.31  £2.09  £1.69 
AP 8-LL/R 1/8"8mmR1/8"133597     Lead Time  £2.31  £2.09  £1.69 

Metric Light (L)

AP 6-L/R 1/8"6mmR1/8"133598     Lead Time  £6.17  £5.58  £4.51 
AP 6-L/R 1/4"6mmR1/4"133599     Lead Time  £10.03  £9.07  £7.33 
AP 8-L/R 1/4"8mmR1/4"133600     Lead Time  £2.71  £2.45  £1.98 
AP 10-L/R 1/4"10mmR1/4"133601     Lead Time  £5.85  £5.29  £4.28 
AP 10-L/R 3/8"10mmR3/8"133602     Lead Time  £5.32  £4.81  £3.89 
AP 12-L/R 1/4"12mmR1/4"133603     Lead Time  £5.12  £4.64  £3.74 
AP 12-L/R 3/8"12mmR3/8"133604     Lead Time  £3.09  £2.79  £2.26 
AP 12-L/R 1/2"12mmR1/2"133605     Lead Time  £5.53  £5.00  £4.04 
AP 15-L/R 3/8"15mmR3/8"133606     Lead Time  £11.21  £10.14  £8.19 
AP 15-L/R 1/2"15mmR1/2"133607     Lead Time  £8.96  £8.10  £6.54 
AP 18-L/R 1/2"18mmR1/2"133608     Lead Time  £8.59  £7.77  £6.28 
AP 22-L/R 3/4"22mmR3/4"133609     Lead Time  £28.48  £25.77  £20.81 
AP 28-L/R 1"28mmR1"133610     Lead Time  £22.28  £20.15  £16.28 
AP 35-L/R 1 1/4"35mmR1 1/4"133611     Lead Time  £35.09  £31.75  £25.65 

Metric Heavy (S)

AP 8-S/R 1/4"8mmR1/4"133612     Lead Time  £25.17  £22.78  £18.40 
AP 10-S/R 3/8"10mmR3/8"133613     Lead Time  £23.85  £21.58  £17.43 
AP 16-S/R 1/2"16mmR1/2"133614     Lead Time  £12.19  £11.03  £8.91 
AP 25-S/R 1"25mmR1"133615     Lead Time  £55.86  £50.54  £40.82 
(All prices exclude VAT)

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