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Hydraline FX- Smooth Bore, Externally Convoluted

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Hydraline FX is unlike any other PTFE hose product currently available.

The PTFE liner tube is smooth bore on the inside but convoluted on the outside, to combine the ease of assembly and high flow rates of a smooth bore hose with the flexibility and kink resistance of a convoluted hose in one product!

Hydraline FX is designed to be used in place of Smoothbore Hose when improved flexibility is required, and to replace Convoluted Hose when improved flow characteristics or easier assembly is required.

Price of Hose is per metre.

Temperature: -70 to +260 Deg C

Pressure shown is maximum operating pressure with 4:1 safety factor.

ID is Inner Diameter.

Hydraline FX hose can be used with standard hydraulic inserts & brass hosetails.


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Size (")ID (mm)Bend radiusPressureOrder CodeAvailable1+10+   50+   Quantity
- Click to find out the lead time on additional quantities.
1/4"6.8mm19mm88 bar121189     Lead Time  £23.33  £17.50  £14.00 
3/8"10.0mm25mm80 bar121190     Lead Time  £28.65  £21.49  £17.19 
1/2"13.6mm32mm60 bar121191     Lead Time  £43.45  £32.59  £26.07 
5/8"16.7mm50mm50 bar121192     Lead Time  £58.71  £44.03  £35.23 
3/4"19.8mm60mm42 bar121193     Lead Time  £64.71  £48.53  £38.83 
1"26.4mm73mm40 bar121194     Lead Time  £88.80  £66.60  £53.28 

Ferrule - Mild Steel

1/4"121201     Lead Time  £2.66  £2.00  £1.60 
3/8"121202     Lead Time  £2.82  £2.11  £1.69 
1/2"121203     Lead Time  £3.68  £2.76  £2.21 
5/8"121204     Lead Time  £5.07  £3.80  £3.04 
3/4"121205     Lead Time  £6.37  £4.78  £3.82 
1"121206     Lead Time  £11.65  £8.73  £6.99 

Ferrule - Stainless Steel (304)

1/4"124351     Lead Time  £3.64  £2.73  £2.18 
3/8"124352     Lead Time  £6.04  £4.53  £3.63 
1/2"124353     Lead Time  £5.89  £4.42  £3.53 
5/8"124354     Lead Time  £10.99  £8.24  £6.59 
3/4"124355     Lead Time  £8.89  £6.66  £5.33 
1"124356     Lead Time  £18.05  £13.53  £10.83 
(All prices exclude VAT)

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